Gov. Cuomo on Battling COVID-19: ‘We Brought the Number Down, God Did Not Do That’


CNS News: While discussing the effects of COVID-19 on New York State, including a plateauing of total hospital admissions and a decline in net hospitalizations and ICU admissions, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said “the number is down because we brought the number down. God did not do that….” Read More …

Opinion: When Andrew Cuomo was running for governor in 2010, he claimed time and again that he wanted to represent and fight for all the people of New York – all, that is, except Catholics.

Since taking office in 2011, Cuomo, who was baptized a Catholic, graduated from Archbishop Molloy H.S. in Queens County and Fordham University, has been hell-bent on offending Catholics and dismissing their beliefs in the public square.

The man who celebrated abortion at the moment of birth by lighting up the Empire State building in pink lights, has a bone to pick with God’s word.

Funny how that works. Many ex-Catholics like myself find ourselves in opposite theological positions from Catholic dogma. Some become secular progressives, and others turn to the Scriptures and scream the gospel of faith alone from the roof tops.

Cuomo’s position is obvious. And the really sad part is that by fighting against the Bible he is in danger for eternity.

My journey out of Catholicism began in the late 90’s. My wife joined a Bible study group with my late Mom, a life-long Catholic who developed a burning desire to know what the Bible had to say.

My mother was the only child of 4 that inherited her father’s passion for the Bible. Grandpa was a barber who, in between haircuts, would read his Bible. (I was recently given his old Bible and plan to get it restored.)

As a child I really didn’t realize what he was reading, but everyone knew that before family dinners, Grandpa would say the blessing. The only words I understood were “Thank-a you, God”. From there Grandpa spoke in Italian for what seemed like a very long time until my mother’s older sister would grumble to let him know dinner was getting cold.

My mother passed that interest in Scripture to my wife, and after I realized I couldn’t talk her out of it, I picked up a Bible and started to read.

It was in October 2000, on a flight to a company trip in California, that a man sitting next to me started a conversation. It was a three-hour flight from Dallas to San Diego and I had planned to use the time to figure out how a person could be born again and still continue to sin.

The guy next to me ignored my attempts to remain quiet, and by the time we were taking off we were on a first name basis. After basic introductions I found out that my new friend taught at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Hearing that, I lifted the Bible off my lap and said, ‘Maybe you can help me with this?’

My path to Jesus Christ was set that day and I plan to keep the governor of New York, my pale of birth, in my prayers.


  1. Shelley, it is always good to hear from you. We’re familiar with Gendron’s ministry to Catholics and Author has used him as a resource several times.
    May you and your family remain healthy and safe!

  2. I remember reading your testimony once before, R.C., but am so glad you repeated it here. I never grow tired of hearing people’s testimonies. Every one of them is special.

    I went with my husband to the eye clinic today as he had an appointment. The clinic is located in a hospital. They would not let me in with him and they gave him a face mask and tested his temp and told me to go wait in the car for him. I asked the nurse if they had a lot of people in emergency room because of virus. She said “not really.” I asked if there were a lot in ICU and she said she couldn’t say anything. We talked a little and she said she prays, so I offered her a tract and she asked, “Is it a prayer?” and I said “yes, but its also about deception” (great tract from a former Catholic, Mike Gendron) and she said, “Oh, yes! I’ll take one of those.” I gave out over 20 tracts to nurses and patients walking around. People seem much more willing to take tracts these days, I have found. One 30 year navy seal vet looked at the tract and when he figured out what it was about, he said, “Oh, I’ll read this! You bet!” He was so excited and “God Blessed” us back a couple of times. :o)

    Praise God!!! because it was just what I needed after having the doldrums this weekend. This existence is so surreal. I don’t even know what to say to my daughter-in-law when she says she misses her parents in another state. Praise the Lord, her whole family is saved, but, I am realizing they are never going to let us have freedom of movement again. This only means we are so very close, (but it never is close enough for me.) Come, Lord Jesus!!!

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