Greek Orthodox Church Uses Nefarious Replacement Theology to Protest Legal Sale of Jerusalem Hotel to Jews


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The transaction was the focus of a protracted court battle which resulted in a Jerusalem court decision last month that the sales were legal. The Greek Orthodox Church claimed that Irnaios was bribed, thereby invalidating the sales, a claim that was not supported by evidence and was rejected by the court.

An additional obstacle is being encountered at the Imperial Hotel. The initial court decision ordered the previous owners to vacate the property but they did not. The second court decision ordered the residents, managers of the hotel who rented the property from the Greek Orthodox Church, to pay rent to the new owners, effective from when the sale was completed in 2005. The tenants refused and their debt now stands at $2.8 million, which they are refusing to pay in addition to refusing to vacate.

Rabbi Weisz noted that the simple facts of the case were that the Jews purchased the property.

“Christians have been persecuting Jews throughout history because of the belief that we are not entitled to rights, to living as Jews,” Rabbi Weisz said, accusing the Greek Orthodox Church of not recognizing the basic rights of Jews in Jerusalem.

“We call that replacement theology,” Rabbi Weisz said, giving a theological basis to the legal conflict. more …

Opinion: Every so often I pray for a post or video to go viral. Replacement Theology and it’s successor, Covenant theology, have so deeply infected the Church of Jesus Christ that it rivals Muslim anti-Semitism, only quietly.

The church is Israel, killers of Christ, Israel is an apartheid state, or why don’t the Jews allow a Palestinian state? Or Palestinian children are being killed, or Israel uses disproportionate force or end the occupation or the Jews or …

On and on it goes. It’s roots date to the 2nd century AD and was advanced by the most esteemed church fathers of Protestants and Catholics, (Saint) Chrysostom and (Saint) Augustine and even Martin Luther here.

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