HAMAS Building Second Front on Lebanese Border, Already Firing Rockets at ISRAEL


Israel 365: The Alma Research and Education Center, an Israeli think tank that specializes in security threats on the northern border, released a report this week outlining the true scope of Hamas’s military activities in Lebanon, indicating that the terrorist rulers in Gaza are building a second front from which to attack Israel.

The report identified the principal senior political and military Hamas leaders active on Lebanese territory, the organization’s multiple military projects, and working plans. It also identified the locations of some of Hamas’s key Lebanese military sites.

The report also analyzed Hamas’s complex relationship with the Iranian-led radical Shi’ite axis.

The report detailed how Hamas’s two operational units in Lebanon – El-Shimali and Khaled Ali – recruit members, train them in specialized combat skills such as sniping, anti-tank missile attacks, operating drones, and more. The units also develop and produce their own weapons – rockets, offensive drones, and small unmanned underwater vehicles. And they set up operational cells while preparing attack plans against Israel.

You who dwell in Lebanon, Nestled among the cedars, How much grace will you have When pains come upon you, Travail as in childbirth! Jeremiah 22:23 (The Israel BibleTM) Read More …

Opinion: Shadows of coming events.

A return to Obama/Biden Middle East policies, combined with a new Israeli government partially run by a progressive left wing, Arab MKs, and weakened conservatives, are emboldening Israel’s irascible neighbors, and shadows of prophesied wars.

‘Future events cast their shadow before them’. Today, shadows of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse are showing up in daily headlines for those who have a spiritual lens to see.

White Horse, Revelation 6:1-2 A new charismatic world leader emerges in Europe seemingly out of nowhere. This figurative rider carries a bow with no arrows, symbolizing peace, and wears a conqueror’s crown. The rider is often confused with Christ on a white horse at His second coming, but stark differences are often missed:

Jesus comes with a two-edged sword wearing ‘many crowns’ of diadems, the crowns of royalty, upon His second coming Revelation 19:11-16.

Today, a growing percentage of the US and European population desire an authoritarian leader to solve the world’s problems. Tyrannical leaders are emerging in Europe and the United States under the cloaks of pandemic and climate change.

Reminiscent of ancient Roman dictators, a shadow of the False Prophet (Rev. 13:11) in a Roman Catholic pontiff is already on the scene, waiting to support the tyranny.

Red Horse, Revelation 6:3-4 With the emerging leader’s popularity growing, the world fails to acknowledge the shadow of wars and rumors of war (Matthew 24:4) that will be breaking out everywhere.

Despite the growing Middle East conflicts, the new leader’s renown explodes after he seemingly solved the 4000 year old Middle East conflict between the descendants of Jacob and Esau. A Temple is built (Daniel 9:27), animal sacrifices reinstated, and barely a peep is heard from the Arab world after having suffered a crushing defeat in the Psalm 83 war.

Riding a wave of startling political and social achievements, the new world leader demands worship from the Jews. When they refuse, a remnant of religious Jews flee to the mountains (Matthew 24:16-17) of Edom (Petra), as he threatens to finish what Hitler started.

Black Horse, Revelation 6:5-6 Global hyperinflation casts a shadow of financial collapse (caused by soaring debt and wars financed on printed fiat money) as men and women will have to work a full day to have enough money to feed themselves for one day.

A new economic system emerges controlled by the new leader. Paper money and cryptocurrencies are outlawed, and the Bank of International Settlements authorizes central bank digital currencies as the only means of transacting commerce.

The world’s first trillionaires emerge as the gap between rich and poor becomes a gulf.

Pale Horse, Revelation 6:7-8  A contagion of death casts a shadow to the cumulative effects of the first 3 judgments: progression of authoritarianism, wars ,and financial chaos.

The 2020 Covid crisis with a death count of under 1% was barely a warm-up compared to a new virus with a 70-80% death toll sending the world into panic never seen before. Starving wild animals become scavengers as the Pale Horse rider brings death to 25% of the world.

Only 4 of 21 judgments have passed…