Is Francis Really the Pope?


Assessment: What Francis desires, in other words, is not to reform the Catholic Church, but to replace it with a new, more enlightened institution—one that is more in keeping with the spirit of the times …

Many in the Catholic media tend to cover-up for Pope Francis either by putting the best possible interpretation on his actions or else by failing to report news that might be damaging to his image.

One of the main stories that the Catholic media covers-up is that a debate has arisen among Catholics as to whether or not Francis is really the pope.

 Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon.” Revelation 13:11

Since those who claim that he is not the pope constitute a small minority, the Catholic media has, by-and-large, chosen to avoid the topic.  It’s a hot-potato issue and those who get caught on the wrong side of it might pay a heavy price.

To claim that the pope is not the pope is like claiming that the president of the United States is not really the president.  One would have to be very sure of his case before going out on that limb.  As we have discovered, claiming that the election of Joe Biden was rigged has turned out to be a risky proposition.

Yet one of the reasons that some Catholics believe that Francis is not pope is the claim that his election was rigged. The charge was leveled, by the way, about eight years before anyone thought to make a similar claim about the election of Joe Biden.

According to this version of events, a group of high-ranking liberal prelates who met regularly in Saint Gallen, Switzerland, managed to engineer the election of Jorge Bergoglio by employing various devious tactics.

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