Is Iran unlocking the gates to Armageddon?


Nearly a year ago, I warned in these pages that Israel and Iran were rapidly reaching an inflection point over Tehran’s intent to weaponize its nuclear program. In June 2022, Iran was reported to already have amassed 95 pounds of highly enriched uranium to a 60 percent level — well beyond the amount of mass needed for an atomic weapon, yet still short of the 90 percent enrichment required for an Armageddon-like detonation.

Now, according to a February 2023 official International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report to the United Nations Security Council, Iran has portentously amassed a stockpile of 193 pounds of U-235 enriched to 60 percent, or enough mass to produce three full-scale atomic weapons. It has also, alarmingly, demonstrated a menacing capacity to enrich U-235 particles to 83.7 percent. Equally disconcerting was “two cascades of IR-6 centrifuges at Iran’s Fordo facility” were “configured” to facilitate reaching a weaponized grade of 90 percent.

“Son of man, prophesy against Gog and say: ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: I am against you, Gog, chief prince of Meshek and Tubal.” Ezekiel 39:1

In this photo released by the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, technicians work at the Arak heavy water reactor’s secondary circuit, as officials and media visit the site, near Arak, 150 miles (250 kilometers) southwest of the capital Tehran, Iran, Monday, Dec. 23, 2019. The head of Iran’s nuclear agency says his country has begun new operations at the heavy water nuclear reactor. The move intensifies pressure on Europe to find an effective way around U.S. sanctions, which block Tehran’s oil sales abroad. (Atomic Energy Organization of Iran via AP)


  1. Thank you Author1, I have not heard anyone mention this however, many either do not know or forgetting the the hidden gold and silver of Solomon’s Temple that is said that it’s close to being found in the tunnels. Could that be the hooks that the Lord uses to turn the enemies of Israel around and attack Israel? the question is when. what about Solomon’s gold and silver? it is said to be worth in the trillions of dollars. I am convinced that gold and silver of Solomon will not be found until the Lord wants it to be found. This is what I mean by the hooks the Lord uses to turn them around so i have to question the time period when ezekiel’s war happens. I still say it is between the rapture and the great 7-year tribulation period. We need to consider also the treaty that the Antichrist signs with Israel and all of Israel’s enemies. I believe the hooks are a convergence of things such as Israel’s vast natural gas supply, oil supply, diamonds among Solomon’s gold and silver that hasn’t been found yet, that will be when the Lord wants it to be found Ifirmly believe these may very well be the hooks the Lord uses the turn the enemies of Israel around. The question also is will we be here to see that or will we have been raptured now there’s a thought. I will reread Psalm 83. I don’t know everything, I know a lot, but by no means do I know it all. And I want to thank you again author1 for responding with the post. I do very much want to learn and understand. Because like you, I love the Lord too and I am watching all these events, it’s incredible the time we live in, and try to lead people to Jesus for salvation so they don’t have to go through the great seven year tribulation period but receive Jesus eternally and eternal fellowship putting the Lord in the heavenly family forever and all eternity, which is unfathomable.

  2. When ISREAL attacks Iran to stop their nuclear program, could this very well be the catalyst at Sparks ezekiel’s war in chapter 38? it seems that this possibility is very near, Of Israel attacking Iran to stop them! If that is true, how much sooner will it be until the rapture of the church happens? Time is short, days are few remain exceedingly vigilant and look up, our salvation draws near!!!

    • Ezekiel 38 takes place after Israel has recovered from war and is living in a false peace (Ezekiel 38:8-11 NIV). Many Bible teachers look for Psalm 83 to precede Ezekiel’s war. And yes I agree that the rapture could be near.

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