Islamic cleric: Don’t call it the Western Wall


Arutz Sheva: Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, head of the Supreme Islamic Council in Jerusalem, issued a fatwa (ruling on a point of Islamic law) stating that the Western Wall (which the Muslims refer to as the Al-Buraq Wall) is an inseparable part of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and is considered an Islamic sanctuary.

In the fatwa, Sabri writes that the Western Wall is part of the structure, in this case the Al-Aqsa Mosque. He claims that the Muslim prophet Muhammad had tied his wonderful horse Buraq to this wall before embarking on his heavenly journey.

Sabri further claims that the Western Wall belongs exclusively to Muslims all over the world, and that Muslims would never recognize the Jews’ ownership of the site. He also states that there is not a single rock at the Western Wall which is connected to Jewish history. more …

Opinion: Sheikh Ikrima Sabri has the support of many nations of the world.

October 2016: UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) put forth a series of votes and declarations designed to erase any Jewish connection to the Temple Mount as then US Ambassador Samantha Power, under Barack Obama’s orders, remained silent:

  • October 13, 2016 UNESCO voted that there is no connection between the Temple Mount and Jerusalem
  • October 26, 2016 UNESCO adopted a second resolution denying Jewish connection to the Temple Mount

December 23, 2016, President Obama instructed Samantha Power to abstain, as 14 members of the UN Security Council passed Resolution 2334:

  • That Israel′s settlement activity constitutes a “flagrant violation” of international law and has “no legal validity”
  • It further demanded that Israel stop such activity and fulfill its obligations as an occupying power under the Fourth Geneva Convention

Two Temples were on the site:

According to the Bible, Solomon’s Temple was built atop the Temple Mount in the 10th century BC and was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BC. According to Obadiah 1:10-11, the Edomites helped the Babylonians, even turning in any Jews who escaped.

The Second Temple was completed and dedicated in 516 BC, but it was not until around 19 BC that Herod the Great began a massive expansion project on the Temple Mount. It took 10,000 Jewish men ten years just to build the retaining walls around the Temple Mount (on top of which the Muslim shrine, the Dome of the Rock, stands today).

Herod was half-Jewish and was descended from Abraham through Isaac and Esau rather than through Isaac and Jacob. Herod and family were considered to be Idumeans; this was a term employed by the Greeks and Romans for the country of Edom, or southern Israel south of Judea. (Excerpt: Antichrist: The Search for Amalek)

Micah 4:11-13 prophesied a time when “many nations” will unite against Jerusalem to try to conquer it. They will long to ‘defile’ the city by destroying it, but they will not know that God will “gather them like sheaves to the threshing floor”.

 “Arise and thresh, O daughter of Zion;
For I will make your horn iron,
And I will make your hooves bronze;
You shall beat in pieces many peoples;
I will consecrate their gain to the Lord,
And their substance to the Lord of the whole earth.”