JPost: In recent months, Islamic Jihad has been considered the main factor in continuously disturbing the peace in the south.

In the previous round of violence, a sniper from the group shot an IDF soldier, moderately wounding him, which started the round of fighting in which four Israelis were killed.

“The Palestinian people are ready for a prolonged confrontation with the Israeli occupation. Not everything that they hope for in the framework of the ‘Deal of the Century’ will be carried out. The ‘Deal of the Century’ was born dead and has no value as long as the Palestinians oppose it.” more …

Opinion: There are no surprises in the West Bank. Six prophets recorded what we are seeing today, and what will happen in the future:

Moses wrote in Genesis 27:41 that Esau swore when their father Isaac dies, he would then kill his brother Jacob.

In Ezekiel 35:1-6 the prophet is told to prophesy against Mt. Seir, the ancient home of Esau and Amalek (Genesis 32:3; 33:14, 16; 36:8; Joshua 24:4).

  • Ezekiel 35:1-4 God tells Ezekiel to prophesy against the ancient home of Esau
  • Ezekiel 35:5-6 God pronounces judgment on Esau for shedding the blood of Israel – Esau in turn will be pursued by blood
  • Jeremiah 49:17 Edom will be an astonishment and be filled with plagues
  • Jeremiah 49:18 God compares Mt Seir to the overthrow of Sodom and Gomorrah – no one will remain there
  • Obadiah 1:18 calls for the total destruction of the house of Esau
  • Malachi 1:1-3 God is clear as to who His chosen are, and who are not
  • Malachi 1:4 in the last days Edom would return to reclaim his squandered birth right
  • Isaiah 63:1-3 finds Jesus at His 2nd coming with His robe stained red from the blood of Edom

In 600 BC, Esau’s descendants moved into Judea (West Bank) as the Jews were being carried off to Babylon. Today, Esau’s descendants are still found in Judea and Gaza.

“They shall be called the Territory of Wickedness And the people against whom the Lord will have indignation forever.” 

See Chapter 6 Blood Feud and track the movement of Esau’s bloodline by placing your cursor over nations and right click on the nations here.