Israel intercepts rockets over Sderot as attacks from Gaza continue

Israeli missile launched from the Iron Dome defence missile system, designed to intercept and destroy incoming short-range rockets and artillery shells, is seen above Gaza city on November 13, 2019. (Photo by MAHMUD HAMS / AFP)

JNS: Residents of the western Negev had an uneasy night on Sunday as terrorist factions in the Gaza Strip stepped up the pace of rocket attacks on southern Israel.\

“And Esau hated Jacob because of the blessing wherewith his father blessed him: and Esau said in his heart, The days of mourning for my father are at hand; then will I slay my brother Jacob.” Genesis 27:41

Early Monday morning, three rockets were fired at Sderot and communities adjacent to the Gaza border fence. Israel’s air defenses intercepted two, while the third landed inside Gaza.

Three Israeli civilians sustained minor injuries while running for shelter.

On Sunday evening, another rocket aimed at Israel also landed on the Gazan side of the fence. Read More


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