Israeli Envoy in Ukraine Slams Naming of Soccer Stadium in Honor of Nazi Ally Roman Shukhevych


(Far right extremists in Ukraine march in honor of Roman Shukhevych in 2017. Photo: Screenshot)

Algemeiner: Israel’s Ambassador to Ukraine on Tuesday lambasted the city of Ternopil after its council named a rebuilt soccer stadium after Roman Shukhevych, the leader of a Ukrainian nationalist brigade created by the occupying Germans during World War II.

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“We strongly condemn the decision of Ternopil city council to name the City Stadium after the infamous Hauptman of the SS Schutzmannschaft 201 Roman Shukhevych and demand the immediate cancellation of this decision,” the Israeli envoy in Kiev, Joel Lion, stated on Twitter.

World Stadiums - Stadion Ternopilsky Misky Stadium in Ternopil

The newly-reconstructed stadium holds just over 15,000 spectators and will host the final of the Ukrainian Soccer Cup later this year. Confirmation that the stadium would be named in honor of Shukhevych came following a meeting of the Ternopil city council on March 5 — the 71st anniversary of Shukhevych’s death during a shoot-out with Soviet intelligence agents who raided his hiding place in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv. Read More