Israel’s alleged airstrike: A message to 3 regional actors


Israel is trying to bring Saudi Arabia into its orbit and to create a strong common front against Iran by reminding Riyadh that Tehran poses a constant danger.

Against the backdrop of the strategic shifts in the region, Iran and Israel have continued with their tit-for-tat. The former is trying to arm its proxies with sophisticated weapon systems; the latter is trying to frustrate that effort.

 “You shall fall on the open field; for I have spoken,” says the Lord God.” Ez 39:5

The air strike on Monday night that was attributed to the Israeli air force in eastern Syria was the direct continuation of this process. It appears that this attack targeted an Iranian attempt to smuggle advanced weaponry into Syria, and Israel reportedly took out the convoy. In the past, such convoys included components for the manufacture of precision-guided munition and various other air and naval defense components. One can assume that this was the case this time as well.

Israel has been fully invested in trying to identify the paths used by the convoys and to attack them in order to make it hard for Iran. Israel reportedly carried out 32 attacks in Syria in 2022, and since early 2023 it has already struck 25 times in the country – at the very least.

Until several months ago, Iran used aerial routes as their main modus operandi for such arms shipments; in some cases, this was carried out using military planes, but usually, commercial flights were exploited by the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards to clandestinely transport such weapons through dissimulation as civilian cargo or even as part of the humanitarian relief to Turkey in the wake of the February earthquake there.

In response, Israel has carried out a series of attacks on various Syrian airfields, taking them out of commission. This was meant to signal to the Syrian regime that Iranian activity on its soil comes with a price.

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