Joe Biden: Israel’s Fake ‘Friend’


Front Page Mag: After President Trump decided to pull America out of the Iran nuclear deal, Biden characterized Trump’s strategy as “a self-inflicted disaster” that would make “military conflict” and “another war in the Middle East” much “more likely.”

During a January 2020 presidential campaign event, Biden called on Trump to rejoin the Iran agreement. “The seeds of danger were planted by Donald Trump himself on May 8, 2019 — the day he tore up the Iran Nuclear Deal,” said Biden, forgetting that the date on which the U.S. withdrew from the agreement was actually May 8, 2018.

Biden added that Trump had “turned his back on our closest European allies” by selfishly “decid[ing] that it was important to destroy any progress that the Obama-Biden administration did.”

Opinion: Each of the bullet points below have details of the Obama/Biden dealings with Israel Read Article …

1982: Biden’s Angry Exchange with Menachem Begin

1995-2020: Biden’s Stance on the Relocation of the U.S. Embassy in Israel

2009-2017: The Obama-Biden Administration’s Strained Relationship with Israel

2010: The Obama-Biden Administration Criticizes Israeli Settlements

2010-2015: The Obama-Biden Administration’s Repeated Leaks to the Press About Israel

2013: The Obama-Biden Administration’s Secret Negotiations with Iran

2014: The Obama-Biden Administration Threatens to Shoot Down Israeli Fighter Jets

2014: The Obama-Biden Administration Tells Israel to Stop Assassinating Iranian Nuclear Scientists

2015: The Obama-Biden Administration Is Enraged by Netanyahu’s Acceptance of John Boehner’s Invitation to Address Congress

2015: Declassification of a Document Revealing Israel’s Nuclear Program

2015-2018: Biden & The Iran Nuclear Deal

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Image result for Obama's hate for Israel's Prime minister

2009: Obama/Bide’s outright disdain for Israel’s Prime Minister

Image result for obama sends a pallet of cash to Iran

2016: Obama/Biden sends plane load of cash to Iran’s Mullahs

2016: Obama/Biden tells Samantha Power’s to abstain on UN Resolution 2334 condemning Israeli settlements


2017: In his last hours in office Obama sent the Palestinians $221 million 

Image result for In his last hours in office Obama sent the Palestinians $221 million to the PA 2017: President Trump cancelled the payment

2017: President Trump cancelled the payment

“You will know them by their fruits” Matthew 7:20.