John Bolton is out. Trump’s next foreign policy moves are anyone’s guess


Times of Israel: The notion that the Palestinian issue is inseparable from Middle East success has also meant little to Trump, again to Netanyahu’s delight. Trump has slashed almost all assistance to the Palestinians, moved the US embassy to Jerusalem and recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

Suddenly, however, Trump’s taste for smashing diplomatic convention might be breaking against Israel’s interests.

Trump was reportedly eager for an Afghanistan summit at Camp David because it would afford him the appearance of brokering a deal at the site most famous for being the scene of the 1979 Israel-Egypt deal.

And now ahead of the UN General Assembly launch at the end of the month, Trump is contemplating a meeting with his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani. The convention has been for anonymous officials on both sides to work out the parameters of a deal before such a meeting.

The US and Iranian sides, however, have barely spoken recently, and what would emerge beyond a photo op is not at all clear — but the photo op, for Trump, may be the point. Read Article

Opinion: I can’t shake the feeling that we are getting into very dangerous diplomatic territory.

  • Bolton, Iran’s fiercest opponent – out
  • Taliban at Camp David – almost in
  • Trump easing sanctions to meet with Rouhani at the UN – pending

Imagine the embarrassment if Rouhani stiffs this president like he did Obama in 2013. This time the press will be all over it.

And when it comes to engaging Iran, Trump says “we’ll see what happens”?

Top it off with accusations that Israel may have spied on the White House, and a critical Israeli election on Tuesday. Buckle up, everything may be about to change.

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