Lawyers challenge Trudeau gov’t over ‘aggressive,’ ‘totalitarian’ travel quarantines


LifeSite: Calgary lawyers have threatened to sue the federal government over recent arrests and detainment of law-abiding Canadian citizens and their transport to federal isolation facilities. The lawyers argue that the latest anti-COVID measures are “flagrant violations” of Canadians’ constitutional rights and freedoms, and reflect a government that is increasingly “aggressive” and totalitarian.

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Several Canadians have described how unidentified police and public health officials arrested citizens entering their country, including some who had negative COVID blood test results, and forced them into white vans to transport them to undisclosed quarantine facilities. They said officers refused to identify themselves or answer questions about where and how long they or their loved ones would be detained.

“You are hereby on notice that if you do not immediately rescind these provisions, and release the Canadians you are holding illegally under arrest in federally designated containment facilities, we will imminently commence legal proceedings,” said a letter from Calgary-based Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) president John Carpay to Federal Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra. Read More

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