The Levels of Hypocrisy in BDS – And Will You Have Fries With That?


Jewish Press: In a recent post, Elder of Ziyon pointed out an ignored truth about the campaign to boycott Israel: BDS isn’t about boycotts. It is about turning Israel into a pariah state.

Even BDSers admit that they choose their targets of boycott for maximum leverage and publicity, even as they use Israeli products themselves. The boycotts are indeed a sideshow to their real aim – to have average people associate Israel with racism and apartheid.

By repeating the lies that Zionism is racism, Israel is an apartheid state, Israel must be boycotted for human rights abuses, and so on – over and over again – it makes an impression on college students and people who don’t follow Israel closely.

When an artist boycotts Israel, it makes a huge impression on people who want to identify as supporting social justice.

When an academic group calls to boycott Israel, it puts an aura of respectability on hating Israel.


Opinion: The author points out that Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib used Wix, an Israeli company, to build their websites.

(Obama’s new 7 bedroom 6900 sq. ft. summer get away)

In an interesting analogy we have pointed out many times, the most rabid global warming advocates have no problem flying gas-guzzling private jets, having multiple massive homes, and vacations on gas-guzzling yachts.

Things are not always what they seem. BDS, like global warming, is a tool to take down Israel and her protector the United States.

  • If Israel can be painted as a pariah nation, and Arabs as victims who are suffering in their own land, then taking Jewish land and wealth is a breeze
  • If the US can be painted as the world’s biggest polluter who built its wealth on the backs of third world nations, then taking that wealth and distributing it is simply the right thing to do, as a former US President was fond of saying

It is all quite brilliant really, and for many uninformed Biblically starved people, the lies have been swallowed with great enthusiasm.

If the US can be economically depleted, then Europe becomes the world’s largest economy. With anti-Semitism flourishing there again, the continent is ripe for a globalist leader to swoop in on a White Horse (Rev. 6:1-2) to save the continent.