Mahmoud Abbas, former Israeli PM Olmert brief reporters


Arutz Sheva: Despite harsh criticism by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert met with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. Now the two are holding a brief press conference, sitting side by side.

“I first want to congratulate my friend Ehud Olmert, whom I have known for a while,” Abbas said at the outset. “I spoke earlier at the UN Security Council and stressed the importance of reaching peace through negotiations. The American plan alienates international decisions. I met with Olmert a short time ago. The negotiations with him were promising, although we did not come to a solution, we were very close. We are ready to resume negotiations at the point where it ended with Olmert.”

He added: “We’re ready for a Palestinian state to come next door to the State of Israel in the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem being the capital and West Jerusalem being the capital of Israel. We do not believe in violence and we fight terrorism. We believe in security coordination with all countries, and we have signed many security agreements. We believe only in non-violent popular struggle.” Read More …

Opinion: Deuteronomy 23:10 “You shall not abhor an Edomite, for he is your brother …” Esau’s descendants are a mixture of Jewish and Canaanite blood. Abbas is a given; Olmert exhibits the fruits (Matthew 7:16).

We can identify ancient Edom by the blood lust to reverse Isaac’s blessing to Jacob (Genesis 27:28-29). We can identify today’s (Jewish) Edomites by their willingness to give up God’s land (Joel 3:2).

“I will also gather all nations,
And bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat;
And I will enter into judgment with them there
On account of My people, My heritage Israel,
Whom they have scattered among the nations;
They have also divided up My land.”

How simple:

  • Turn East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount over to Edom
  • Turn Judea, Samaria and Gaza over to Edom

Essentially make all of Israel a target for terror, then flood Israel with the right of return of 10-15 million so-called Arab refugees.

Ehud Olmert shows his fruits by association with Abbas: “He’s the only partner we have for peace. There’s no reason in the world not to meet him.”

In the interview, he called Netanyahu, modern Israel’s greatest leader “a distressed crook, the head of a crime gang.”