Million Man March Planned at Israel’s Supreme Court


Breaking Israel News: “let justice well up like water, Righteousness like an unfailing stream.” Amos 5:24 (The Israel Bible™)

In light of what has been perceived to be a Judicial coup by many on Israel’s right, a Million-Man-March is being planned at the Supreme Court. Although no date has yet been set, the event’s organizer, Harel Noff, plans on holding it before elections for Israel’s 23rd Knesset.

Noff, a right-wing Israeli social media influencer released a teaser video (in Hebrew) promoting the event which has gone viral on Facebook.

The rally is expected to be the most widely attended in Israel’s history with the goal of one million people. The planned event is a reaction to what many believe to be politically motivated investigations of Prime Minister Netanyahu. The massive protest is expected to gather at the footsteps of the High Court in Jerusalem. Read More …

Opinion: One night in a neighborhood in South Florida where Editor and I once lived with our two young sons, I noticed a line of large black limousines with police escort coming onto the main street. I followed the entourage on foot just one block away from our house as they pulled into a very large home that had recently been built and owned by a prominent Jewish family.

I asked someone standing there what was going on and was told Benjamin Netanyahu was here for a reception. I admit I was awestruck.

I do not pretend to know all the legal intricacies of the indictments vexing the prime minister, but am struck by the similarities that are plaguing Donald Trump.

Gatestone InstituteThere are striking similarities, as well as important differences, between the investigations being conducted against American President Donald J. Trump by the US Congress, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was just indicted.

The most striking similarity is that both are being investigated for actions that their legislatures have not explicitly made criminal. Moreover, no legislature in any country governed by the rule of law would ever enact a general statute criminalizing such conduct. The investigations of these two controversial leaders are based on using general laws that have never previously been deemed to apply to the conduct at issue and stretching them to target specific political figures.

One of my favorite mentors was the late Jack Kinsella who gave me my start by publishing Bible Prophecy 101 and our blog link on his Omega Letter website.

Jack used to say that there are disparate groups working independently from each other but having the same goal under the control of the grand conspirator. The battle between nationalism and globalism continues.