Nazi Collaborator’s Fund is Paying Black People to Call Jews “White Supremacists”


John Davison Rockefeller Sr

Jewish Press: Only a few days after Orthodox Jewish synagogues and schools were targeted by black supremacist rioters and their allies, Shais Rishon, the Content Manager for Bend the Arc, posted a hateful image of an Orthodox Jew in a Klan hood wearing handcuffs and nooses over his Tallit surrounded by text from Jews complaining about Black Lives Matter, anti-Semitism, and violent riots by the racist hate group.

Rishon accused Jews, who had anti-Semitic slurs shouted at them, seen synagogues defaced, congregants attacked, and stores looted, of “cluck clucking” about the black supremacist riots.

The Bend the Arc content manager had previously defended Farrakhan supporter Tamika Mallory’s slur that Jews uphold white supremacy by claiming that there is “white supremacy aplenty” in synagogues. Read More …

Bend the Arc

Opinion: Bend the Arc is a movement of tens of thousands of progressives (including Edomite Jewish groups) all across the country. “For years, we’ve worked to build a more just society. Now we’re rising up in solidarity with everyone threatened by the Trump agenda to fight for the soul of our nation.”

The Cast of anti-Semites: 

Alex Soros (son of George): Founded Bend the Arc, supported Keith Ellison (a longtime member of the Nation of Islam hate group) under Louis Farrakhan

Shais Rishon (Ma Nishtana on social media), is a black nationalist activist who claims to have been secretly ordained as a rabbi

J Street and If Not Now, like Bend the Arc claim to be Jewish while violently hating Jews.

Auburn Theological Seminary (Related to the PC (USA) by Covenant Agreement) accused Jews of white supremacy.

Yavilah McCoy, a Bend the Arc board member who serves as a coach for the Presbyterian Church’s Auburn Theological Seminary’s Pastoral Coach Training Program, has accused Jews of white supremacy.

Stosh Cotler Bend the Arc’s CEO is a former sex club dancer and anti-Israel activist


The Rockefeller Brothers Fund: Provides major funding for a spectrum of anti-Israel hate groups that back Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS).  The fund also helped found the German eugenics program and even funded the program that Josef Mengele worked in before he went to Auschwitz.

Black Lives Matter added support for BDS to its platform

Ploughshares Fund Aggressively campaigned  for the Iran nuclear deal

The J Street lobby: Aggressively backs the propaganda campaign in favor of legalizing Iran’s nuclear program.

Howard J. Buffett (son of Warren) Contributed $14 million to “Bend the Arc”

From the article:

When House Democrats tried to deal with their internal anti-Semitism problem, they invited Bend the Arc to send in a facilitator. That facilitator got things off on the right foot with an anti-Semitic joke.

None of that is surprising because Bend the Arc is as Jewish as a ham sandwich with cheese.

The grand conspirator is building an army financed by the top 1% to continue the assault  on God’s people.