Negotiator Says Two Countries Will Benefit From Biden’s New Nuke Deal with Iran — Neither of Them Are the U.S.


Assessment: And now Ulyanov says that everything is going Iran’s way in Vienna …

As I pointed out on Friday, Old Joe Biden’s handlers, in yet another of their endless series of decisions that could easily have catastrophic consequences for ordinary Americans, has turned over the leadership of the Iran nuke deal negotiations in Vienna to a Russian diplomat, Mikhail Ulyanov.

Ulyanov said admiringly that “Iranian clerics are fighting for Iranian nuclear – uh, national interests like lions. Indeed, I’m very serious. They fight for every comma, every word, and as a rule quite successfully. I must recognize that.” So the Iranians have for the most part been successful in shaping the deal the way they want it.

How bad is it that the Iranians have gotten what they wanted? It could be unimaginably bad. They’re not haggling over the price of a used car in Vienna.

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