New Great Reset video admits to public backlash, but proceeds to treat you like a 6-year-old


LifeSite News: The World Economic Forum (WEF) rehashed its talking points for the Great Reset in a promo video released during its 2021 Summit, admitting that people think they are “masking some nefarious plan for world domination,” before proceeding to treat you, the listener, like a 6-year-old, by spouting clear lies and contradictions.

The overwhelmingly negative response to the video only drives home their admission that the Great Reset, which is touted as a positive, if radical, economic and social transformation of our societies, is deeply unpopular. And the level of backlash to this video alone demonstrates why they cannot ignore the uproar.

The veneer of bright color, the upbeat pace, and the punchy presentation that try so hard to get you excited are the lipstick on the pig that is the Great Reset. The WEF cannot — or perhaps simply chooses not to – hide their glaring attempt to hijack your country and way of life.

The video attempts to innocently sweep away the concerns about the Great Reset: “But all we really want to say is that we all have an opportunity to build a better world. And it’s not surprising that people who have been disenfranchised by a broken system and pushed even further by the pandemic will suspect global leaders of conspiracy.”

In their arrogance, or haste, or both, the Davos elites don’t bother presenting you, a mere serf, with a substantive or coherent explanation of their desired global revolution. Read More