New questions about Biden’s physical and mental health ignored by the press


New York Press: The national media were ready to have a 25th Amendment party when a sloppy book by Michael Wolff came out with a bunch of ditzy rumors about President Trump’s mental acuity.

By contrast, we just watched the current president literally collapse and there’s not a peep of concern from the press.

Joe Biden on Friday was climbing up to board Air Force One when, even with his hand on the rail for support, he tripped over one of the steps. He pushed himself up only to see the same thing happen a second time. Finally, gravity got the best of his 78-year-old ankles and he fell to his knees.

Biden eventually got up and made the rest of the journey to the cabin, but are we all going to pretend that we weren’t feeling the urge to rush to his side like a Boy Scout offering his arm to an elderly.

One of Biden’s press secretaries was sure to tell reporters that it was very windy outside during Biden’s adventure up the steps.

Is no one in the major news media concerned?

It would be easier to overlook the incident if it didn’t come in addition to a slew of other episodes with Biden.

On Thursday, he referred to Kamala Harris as “President Harris.” Back in December, before he was sworn in as the real president, Biden called Harris “president-elect.”

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