No Let-Up to ‘Epidemic’ of Antisemitism in Australian City of Melbourne


Algemeiner: Dozens of handwritten antisemitic leaflets have been delivered to homes in a suburb of the Australian city of Melbourne promoting the classic conspiracy theory of Jewish control over world events.

Photocopies of the leaflet, neatly written out in upper case letters, were placed in residents’ mailboxes in the Melbourne suburb of Pakenham, the Australian Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) — a Jewish civil rights organization — reported on Friday.  

The leaflet exhorted readers not to trust the Australian government because “Jews hang in the background using their freemason puppets to push their agendas.”

It went on to claim that “all celebrity suicides are induced by Jews” who will “even attack selected people within society that spread truth about their tactics and agendas.”

The leaflet used the pejorative “Jew flu” to describe the COVID-19 pandemic, “which is all about spreading fear whilst obtaining more power and control over the population.” Read More …

Opinion: It is the only hatred that is allowed. It permeates old stogy societies of Europe, it lays just beneath the surface in Christian Denominations and it found its way into the United States House of Representatives.

Who is 'the Squad?': Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Pressley and TlaibIt shows up whenever there is global upheaval:

New York Times: In medieval Europe, Jews were blamed so often, and so viciously, that it is surprising it was not called the Jewish Death. During the pandemic’s peak in Europe, from 1348 to 1351, more than 200 Jewish communities were wiped out, their inhabitants accused of spreading contagion or poisoning wells. source

Pubmed: In the middle of the 14th century, most towns in German-speaking territories and beyond massacred their Jewish communities. Thousands of Jews were burnt, often connected with accusations of well-poisoning. Medical and socio-historical literature usually attributes these massacres to the anxiety created by the Black Death, which was sweeping over Europe during this period. This article argues that there is no direct link between the massacres and the plague. How other researchers showed before, far from acts of plague-terrified, frenzied mobs, the massacres were the carefully planned and executed work of the Christian local governments. source

AP News: Coronavirus lockdowns last year shifted some anti-Semitic hatred online, where conspiracy theories blaming Jews for the pandemic’s medical and economic devastation abounded, Israeli researchers reported Wednesday. That’s raised concerns about a rise in anti-Semitism in the post-pandemic world. source

The United Nations, famous for drawing moral equivalence between Hamas terrorists who have launched tens of thousands of missiles aimed at Israeli civilians, and the retaliation of the IDF who avoid Arab citizens at all costs, is complicit in blatant anti-Semitism.

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US presidents from Jimmy Carter, who brokered the failed Oslo Accords to George H.W.  Bush who blocked Israeli settlements (Land for peace), to Bill Clinton’s love affair with Yasser Arafat, to George W. Bush failed Iraq war that led to Middle East chaos (Arab Spring), to Barack Obama’s romance with the Muslim Brotherhood, US presidents, with the exception of Donald Trump, have empowered Arab hostilities that have brought blood and destruction to Jewish citizens.

In just 11 months in office President Joe Biden is trying to surpass his predecessors by demanding a Palestinian Consulate in East Jerusalem, condemning Israel for designating  PFLP groups as terrorists, demanding a stop to Israel construction in Judea and Samaria, reinstating payments to the PA for salaries to convicted Hamas terrorists and families, and making a two state solution with an Arab capital in East Jerusalem the centerpiece of his Middle East policy.

So it is not just Australia or Canada or Greece or Germany or Arab Palestinians, or the Squad, or Christian Denominations or progressive governments or liberal college professors and students who are spreading the world’s only protected hatred, it is a global phenomenon and it is the clearest marker yet that God will soon bring down the curtain on the Church Age in preparation for 7 years of tribulation followed the Millennial Kingdom of Jesus Christ when Jacob’s blessing (Genesis 27:28-29) will be fulfilled..

“Therefore may God give you
Of the dew of heaven,
Of the fatness of the earth,
And plenty of grain and wine.
29 Let peoples serve you,
And nations bow down to you.
Be master over your brethren,
And let your mother’s sons bow down to you.
Cursed be everyone who curses you,
And blessed be those who bless you!