NYU School Of Law: Digital ID Is ‘Paving A Digital Road To Hell’


Technocracy: New York University’s Center for Human Rights and Global Justice has issued a chilling warning about the potential dangers to human rights posed by the push for digital identity.

In mid-June, the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, a “hub for human rights study” at New York University (NYU) School of Law, issued a 100-page report detailing the growing dangers of a reliance on digital identity around the world. The report, titled Paving a Digital Road to Hell?, examines the role of the World Bank and other international networks which have been promoting the use of digital ID in recent years.

The report notes that the World Bank has been “energetically promoting biometric and other digital ID systems that are increasingly linked to large-scale human rights violations, especially in the Global South”.

The researchers warn that digital identity schemes “promoted in the name of development and inclusion, might be achieving neither”. Despite ostensible good intentions on the part of some promoting these systems, they “may well be paving a digital road to hell.”

The press release for the report notes (emphasis added):

“Governments around the world have been investing heavily in digital identification systems, often with biometric components (digital ID). The rapid proliferation of such systems is driven by a new development consensus, packaged and promoted by key global actors like the World Bank, but also by governments, foundations, vendors and consulting firms.

The report states that many of the digital identity schemes are taking inspiration from the Aadhaar system in India. This specific digital ID model has prioritized digital ID as an “economic identity”, according to the report.

“The goal of such systems is primarily to establish ‘uniqueness’ of individuals, commonly with the help of biometric technologies,” the release states. This in turn allows for bringing in impoverished people from the “informal” or “counter-economy” to the formal economy. This also has the effect of “unlocking” their behavioral data that can then be used by governments and other parties.  Read More …   

Opinion: World Bank, United Nations, Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Asian Development Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, Omidyar Network, MasterCard and the global system for mass communications all have an interest in getting every man, woman, and child identified as a part of the UN 2030 SDGs (sustainable development goals) under a cloak of ‘inclusion’.

A better word is control.

Article: The UN and the World Economic Forum have regularly promoted the idea of a digital identity as a necessity for life in the 2020’s.

It’s clear that this effort to strong-arm the world into accepting digital identity programs is part of a larger push towards biometrics, a track and trace society, and, eventually, tools like Central Bank Digital Currencies.


CBDCs (programable central bank digital money), once integrated globally, will make all other methods of control antiquated.

In my interview with Jimmy DeYoung Jr on July 9, I quoted economist/author Jim Rickards on just a few of the dangers of CBDCs:

  • The US paper dollar will be made obsolete
  • Your cash will be confiscated or become worthless paper
  • The cash currency we have now will be replaced with a new programmable digital token
  • The new currency will allow total control of all American citizens
  • Every digital dollar will be programmed by the government
  • The government will be able to track and control every purchase you make

And it will all be possible thanks to President Joe Biden’s signing of Executive Order 14067 on March 9, 2022, authorizing the government to make digital dollars a direct liability of the Federal Reserve.

Once digital ID is implemented globally, the final government of Antichrist will have the tool needed for total control. If Jim Rickards is correct on all this happening in 2023-24, three prophecies that will take the world to the end of the tribulation will be set in motion:

  • Revelation 6:5-6 begins the new economic order that will be cheered by the 1%, despite evidence of global hyperinflation adversely affecting the masses.
  • Revelation 13:16-17 brings new restrictions to the economic order that will be accepted by the global elite, as everyone will receive a mark on their right hand or forehead in order to be able to buy and sell.  
  • Revelation 18:11 is the total collapse of the economic order that no one, not even the 1%, will be able to avoid: “And the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her, for no one buys their merchandise anymore”.

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