On Eve of Meeting Biden, Bennett Rejects Palestinian State, Favors Hard Line on Iran


Jewish Press: Ahead of his first meeting in Washington with President Joe Biden this week, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met in Jerusalem with the New York Times’ senior reporters in Israel, Patrick Kingsley and Isabel Kershner, to tell them said he “opposed U.S. efforts to restore a nuclear deal with Iran and ruled out peace talks with the Palestinians” (New Israeli Leader Backs Hard Line on Iran but Softer Tone With U.S.).

I will bless those who bless you,
And I will curse him who curses you …” Genesis 12:3 

The short of it regarding the future of the liberated territories is that Bennett wants to expand the Judea and Samaria Jewish settlements – which Biden opposes, does not want a “consulate for Palestinians” in Jerusalem, and there won’t be a Palestinian State on his watch. As to Iran, Bennett will seek common ground with the administration on “containing” Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

“I call it the good-will government,” Bennett told Kingsley and Kershner. “There’s a new dimension here: coming up with new ways to address problems, being very realistic, very pragmatic, and being reasonable with friends.”

He plans to forge a coalition of the Iran-fearing nations of the Middle East, and lead it in curtailing the Iranians. Read More