Bank Sees Fed Balance Sheet Hitting $130T If Powell Buys Everything


Zero Hedge: Just a few weeks ago, the (above) chart from Deutsche Bank would have been a joke in serious financial circles. Not any more.

With the Fed’s balance sheet surging to $7 trillion amid heated discussions just how much bigger it will get in the next year as the Fed is tasked with monetizing the US bailout program, DB’s Torsten Slok has come up with a rather “ingenious” and disturbingly non-comedic estimate of what the potential maximum size of central bank’s balance sheet could be.

To calculate it, Slok assumes that the Fed may, at some point, monetize all US assets, including but not limited to equities, residential real estate, commercial real estate, all treasury and corporate bonds, farmland and so on.

It all adds up to about $130 trillion… Read More …

Opinion: What could cause the Federal Reserve to swallow the whole pie? What event could be bigger than the crash of 1987 (-22.6%), the dot com bubble (75%), 9/11 (-27%), 2008 (-28%), or the ongoing Covid-19 crisis (-25%)?

Think real hard. Suppose that one day there is an event that is so big that the above events pale in comparison. This future event is not science fiction, it is not a guess, it is not a fantasy, it will absolutely happen. And it will happen in the blink of an eye.

One second everything will be fine, and the next second pandemonium. A trumpet will sound that can only be heard by certain people and millions, possibly a billion people, will suddenly vanish. Babies sleeping in their cribs – gone. Mothers making supper for their families – vanished. Children playing in the backyard – nowhere to be found. Grief-stricken parents stare at empty beds, strollers, and car seats.

Jesus Christ will have returned for His church (1 Corinthians 15:51-52; 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17).

The hardest hit nation will be the United States, followed by the European Union member states, the most prosperous Christian nations on earth. The economies of both will crash, while a Bible-rejecting world searches for answers.

One group will be unaffected economically for a time by the market crash. The ultra wealthy, multi-billionaires, who have come to be known as the 1%, were left behind.

When the dust settles, and rationalizations of what happened are accepted, the world will be different. You see, when the church is taken up (2 Thess. 2:7), the restrainer, the Holy Spirit, is also taken, and evil will have no boundaries.

Out of the ashes, a new leader will emerge that will have the support of the 1%. He will come quietly in peace (Rev. 6:1-2) and will have solutions that will astound the world.

Peace will finally come in the Middle East but it will only last 42 months, and when he is delivered a mortal head wound (Rev. 13:3) and is indwelt by Satan, the world will be forced to worship him or be killed.

There are 3 economic events that take place during the 3.5 years that will follow. Our new Bible study on the Home page explains.

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