Can one man’s child murderer ever be another man’s hero?


Palestinian Media Watch: The PA has paid millions of shekels to the 8 “heroic” terrorists of the Sbarro bombing…

  • The terrorist who chose to target the pizza shop specifically because it was crowded, doesn’t understand why the world thinks murdering children makes her a terrorist
  • The PA payments to the 8 terrorists have totaled 3,209,740 shekels ($910,823)
  • Every month the PA pays an additional 25,800 shekels ($7,321) to the terrorists

18 years ago today Ahlam Tamimi smuggled a bomb in a guitar case into Jerusalem and led a suicide bomber to the Sbarro pizza shop, who then murdered 15 Israelis, 8 of them children. When Tamimi thinks about the children she murdered she has “no regrets,” in fact it makes her happy.

Child murderer (Ahlam) Tamimi was arrested by Israel and received 15 life-sentences. However, she was released 10 years later with over 1,000 terrorist prisoners, in exchange for the Israeli hostage soldier Gilad Shalit. Tamimi, who now lives in Jordan where she hosts a TV show, is on the United States “Most Wanted Terrorist” list.

In a recent interview on Al-Jazeera she explained that she cannot understand why the US wants to extradite her or why she is even defined as a terrorist. more …

Opinion: How interesting. A PJ Media post yesterday regarding Ilhan Omar had a similar theme:

“Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) has been heavily criticized for apparently trivializing the 9/11 jihad attacks when she characterized them as “some people did something.” However, in a recent interview (with Al Jazeera, which is as anti-Semitic as she is), Omar revealed what was really important to her about those attacks, in which 3,000 Americans were killed: she wanted to make sure that in light of them, no one thought ill of Islam or blamed all Muslims: “What is important,” she said, “is the larger point that I was speaking to, which is about making sure that blame isn’t placed on a whole faith, that we as Muslims are not collectively blamed for the actions of terrorists,” Omar added.

Oh yeah, we have heard that before …

Any fair-minded person would need real facts before attaching terrorism to an entire religion. So, here is a fact:

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