PA Ministry of Education: sports event for girls named after terrorist murderer of 37


PMW: One of the days marked fervently by the Palestinian Authority is the anniversary in March of the most lethal terror attack against Israel – the Coastal Road massacre in which Palestinian terrorists murdered 37 civilians, among them 12 children. The attack was led by female terrorist Dalal Mughrabi who the PA since has turned into a role model and hero for Palestinian children and society in general.

To celebrate the anniversary this year, the PA Ministry of Education arranged a sports festival for girls named after the terrorist:

The Dalal Mughrabi Sports Festival

Opinion: Dalal Mughrabi, a Palestinian nationalist, is immortalized in Palestinian school books as the leader of the 1978 massacre. Eleven terrorists hijacked a bus full of Israeli citizens on the Coastal Highway. When the bus was stopped by Israel Defense Forces soldiers, Mughrabi blew it up with a grenade in a suicide attack.

Mughrabi, right, and the scene of the Coastal Road massacre in 1978

To this day Palestinian society glorifies the killers, particularly cell leader Dalal Mughrabi, who over the years became one of the symbols of the Palestinian struggle.

In early 2018, the Palestinian Authority published a series of new textbooks for students in the 5th-11th grade.  This completed a comprehensive reform of Palestinian textbooks glorifying the massacre.

These are the same people whose ancestry is filled not only with atrocities toward Jews, but by marking anniversaries of the killings further taunting Jews in the process while the world looks the other way.

Hatred that deep is very old and is passed through so many generations that those carrying out atrocities likely have no idea when it started, or why they hate Jews so much.

Try telling someone that all this is over the birth of twin boys (Genesis 25:23 NIV), a bowl of red lentil soup (Genesis 25:29-24 NIV) and a lost birthright (Genesis 27:34-40 NIV) and let me know how it goes.

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