Pope Backs Carbon Pricing To Stem Global Warming And Appeals To Deniers


Thompson Reuters: VATICAN CITY, June 14 (Reuters) – Pope Francis said on Friday that carbon pricing is “essential” to stem global warming – his clearest statement yet in support of penalising polluters – and appealed to climate change deniers to listen to science.

In an address to energy executives at the end of a two-day meeting, he also called for “open, transparent, science-based and standardised” reporting of climate risk and a “radical energy transition” away from carbon to save the planet.

Carbon pricing, via taxes or emissions trading schemes, is used by many governments to make energy consumers pay for the costs of using the fossil fuels that contribute to global warming, and to spur investment in low-carbon technology. more …

Opinion: Plank by plank the infrastructure of the final government of Antichrist (Rev. 13:1) is being built. That a Roman Catholic pontiff is campaigning for global controls is a page from Biblical prophecy found in Revelation 13:11.

“Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon.”

Roman emperors frequently employed a religious leader called Pontifex Maximus, the highest ranking priest of the College of Pontiffs (the state religion) in ancient Rome. This was the most important position in the ancient Roman religion, open only to patricians, lending moral, political, and religious authority to the empire. “Pontiff” was later applied in Roman Catholic ecclesiastical usage, to a bishop and more particularly to the Bishop of Rome, the Pope or “Roman Pontiff”.

Barack Obama enthusiastically signed the US to the Paris accords along with 194 states and the European Union, that were designed to confiscate America’s wealth, distribute it to third world nations, and pave the way for a global authoritarian government.

President Donald Trump defied the whole world by pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Accords. Once again, one man stands in the gap.

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