Pope Francis Goes Silent on Hong Kong Protests as Christians Take Major Role


Breitbart“One who mounts a tiger can never get off.” ~ Chinese Proverb

Hagan Lío.” “Take to the streets.” “Make a Mess.”

Pope Francis famously bellowed “Hagan Lio” to the 300,000 young Catholics gathered at World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro on July 26, 2013, urging them to shake up the complacency of their lives.

Sounding more like the socialist community organizer Saul Alinsky than the Vicar of Christ, Francis prodded young Catholics to take to the streets and shake up the establishment. He challenged that the young people, “must go out, they must show their worth. Young people must go out to fight for values, to fight for values.”

Where is his “Hagan Lio” shout out to the young people of Hong Kong? more …

Opinion: It’s here:

Vatican signs historic deal with China on bishop appointments

Pope Francis sold out Chinese Catholics on September 22, 2018 (here)

“Father Matthew (not his real name) is planning to retire in silence after the “unorthodox” news broke in January that two underground bishops Zhuang Jianjian and Guo Xijin, both appointed by the Vatican, had been ordered by the Roman Catholic Church to make way for two bishops supported by the Communist authorities in defiance of the Church’s own long-standing teachings.” source

Now that Francis is in Xi Jinping’s pocket, the young protesters in Hong Kong only hear crickets from the pontiff despite having taken bold stances when it suited his Marxist ideology. Pope Francis has personally supported:

Time to call him out.