Power grab? The Federal Reserve Soon May Be Our Only Bank


The Hill: As Joe Biden’s policy failures dominate the headlines, one piece of his agenda hasn’t reached many mainstream news outlets. His nomination of Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Saule Omarova, is critical yet was barely mentioned in last week’s news cycle. The nomination signals the likely direction of poor fiscal policy, even bleeding into the nominally non-political Federal Reserve, and the various ways the federal government could gain control of Americans’ banking and spending habits.

The Federal Reserve increasingly acts as a repository of the bad ideas of Washington. Bad housing debt? Have the Fed buy it back to shield big banks from responsibility. Need to prop up the economy? Buy bank bonds through quantitative easing. Pandemic threatens the status quo? Pump more than $4 trillion into the economy, sparking widespread inflation.

The supposed independence of the Fed was meant to shield it from the whims of a president or Congress desiring certain policy results. Instead, it increasingly has become a fourth branch of government, especially as politicians try to print their way out of recessions, the pandemic, and excessive government spending. Read More …

Opinion: Senator Ron Paul spent years trying to audit the Federal Reserve. The following clip is from August 20, 2009

Bottom line, Ron Paul’s son, Senator Rand Paul also tried and failed to audit the Fed in 2017.

That the US Congress has no power over the Fed should be terrifying enough, but consider that the same power is found in the central bank of Europe (ECB), Bank of England (BOE) Bank of Switzerland (BNS), and Bank of Canada (BOC) who all report to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), and you begin to get an idea who is running the world.

Commercial banks repot to central banks who report to the BIS who have overseen $288,000,000,000,000 (trillion) global debt created with no end in sight.

As we have said in several posts over the past year, one day our local bank will be a relic of the past, and all digital transactions will be handled by your not-so-friendly central banker.

The question is – how do we go from 5 western central banks to 1 to fulfill prophecy? Maybe we don’t. If we follow the first 3 judgments of the tribulation, a new world leader emerges in Rev. 6:1-2, wars follow his arrival in Rev. 6:3-4, and global hyperinflation that will be so severe that the new world leader simply takes over control all 5 western central banks, with a mandatory ‘mark’ Revelation 13:16-17.