President Pete Buttigieg: Biggest Threat to Religious Liberty in History


Barbwire: (Pete) Buttigieg embraces virtually every part of the extremist LGBT agenda, including its push for special rights for transgenders. He said, “We’ve got to end the war on trans Americans,” and said he would be hard pressed to sign the Equality Act in 2020 if it did not contain robust special protections for transgenders. He promised that people who are so sexually confused they don’t know if they are male or female will have “a very prominent place” in his campaign.

He is an enthusiastic supporter of “The Equality Act” (more accurately, “The Homosexual Supremacy Act”). This bill is the single greatest direct threat to the America established by the Founders. Every right we cherish would be threatened by this bill, including our first liberty, the right to the free exercise of our Christian faith.

The Equality Act pushes special rights for non-normative sexual behavior to the top of the pyramid, and requires that anytime there is a conflict between sexual normalcy and the radical sexuality of the LGBT lobby, radical and extremist sexuality is guaranteed to win.

This is because there is no religious exemption in this bill. In fact, any kind of provision for religious liberty is specifically prohibited. more …

Opinion: There was a time when my wife/editor worried about a terrorist finding and attacking us over my almost daily posts decrying the descendants of Esau. She especially worried when I posted Malachi 1:1-3.

Now it seems there is another group equally dangerous for Bible-believing Christians, and they could be members of our families and or neighbors that are celebrating ‘equality’. If you don’t celebrate equality, you are an intolerant bigot and one thing the left cannot tolerate, is intolerance.

What is funny is that none of our leftist friends and relatives would even consider reading this blog, so we are safe for now.

Yesterday Pete Buttigieg announced his candidacy for president of the United States. Not even in the race, he was already attacking Mike Pence for his Christian lifestyle and Donald Trump for his non-Christian past. ‘Born that way’ is his battle-cry, so blame God, not Mayor Pete.

Before he announced, the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana was running third behind Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, well ahead of the other 30,000 candidates.

If you have a problem with …

  • Forcing doctors in Christian hospitals to perform abortions
  • Forcing doctors in Christian hospitals to perform gender reassignment surgeries
  • Forcing adoption agencies to place children in gay households
  • Forcing churches to hire LGBT staff
  • Forcing religious institutions to allow patrons to use the bathroom of their choice

… you are likely a Christian and you will have no say or rights on the matter with the passage of H.R.5 — 116th Congress (2019-2020) – Equality Act.

Mayor Pete is the only Democrat candidate that is packing the house at rallies much like Donald Trump did just 3 years ago, and that should be a wake up call.

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  1. Well the Lord raised up DJT for a specific reason. Nobody thought that he had a chance but he won. If Trump gets defeated by one of these ultra liberal fruitcakes, we will have to assume that the Lord has a specific purpose for that as well.
    The reason would be that when we get raptured, the fruitcakes will rejoice that there is noone to object to uncontrolled immigration, sexual confusion, massive taxes and antisemitism.

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