Prophecy Today Radio: A Celebration of Life


As we near August 15, the one year anniversary of the passing of Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, his two sons Jim Jr. and Rick bring the prophecy partners together for a celebration of life.

Ken Timmerman: Iran nuclear deal update, a tribute to Jimmy

David Dolan: Islamic Jihad attack on Israel, could it start up again? Dave’s relationship with Jimmy

Pastor Richard Schmidt: Why it is essential to study Bible Prophecy, and why the churches are moving away from teaching it

Pastor Jeff La Borg: As the Southern Baptist Convention moves away from Eschatological teaching of God’s word it is my deep conviction to continue what Dr. Jimmy DeYoung spent his life teaching Bible prophecy, the clarification in the midst of chaos

RC Morro: Not all Bible scholars make great speakers but Dr. Jimmy DeYoung was blessed with both gifts. Being a part of this ministry has turbocharged my passion for studying and teaching Bible prophecy

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Legacy Series: The end of the world and when that will take place