Prophecy Today Radio Broadcast December 3, 2022


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Ken Timmerman: Update on China protests over Covid 19 lockdown rules are hurting the economy and testing the patience of the Chinese people – analysis

  • Iran protests – will Biden continue with Iran nuclear deal? Iranian soccer team lost to US/ ran team refused to sing Iranian anthem over protests at home …
  • Iran continues sending supplies/rockets to Ukraine
  • Macron of France works on peace talks to end Ukraine war

David Dolan: Israel’s response to terror attacks Islamic Jihad suspected, as 2 weapons factories were discovered – Israel on high alert …

  • A tunnel was discovered  by the UN Relief Agency under schools in the Gaza Strip
  • Netanyahu is close to forming a government as a coalition deal with religious parties  was formed (for now) despite disagreements over a pride parade in Tel Aviv
  • Is Ben Gvir softening his position on a 3rd Temple?

Interview: The late Dr. Jimmy DeYoung and Gershon Solomon who passed on November 23,2022. He was the founder and leader of the Temple Mount Faithful and the Land of Israel …

Pastor Paul Sharp: The 400 silent years and the Festival of Hanukkah that happened approx. 160 years before the birth of Jesus Christ

  • Prophesied in Daniel 8:9-14, 23-26; 11:21-35 dealing with Antiochus Epiphanes a type of the future Antichrist that led to the celebration of Hanukkah
  • Hanukkah 2022 – December 18-26

Mike Gendron: How Antithetical doctrines provide Gospel clarity …

  • Ephesians 2:8-9 – Paul writes we are saved thru grace apart from works, not of ourselves, it is a gift from God, so that no man may boast …
  • 1.3 billion Catholics in the world believe they are saved thru faith in Jesus Christ but miss the word ‘alone’.  We are saved by grace apart from merit and works
  • Romans 6:23 death vs life and man’s wages vs. God’s gift
  • Are Muslims part of God’s plan of salvation? Does Catholicism present a false Gospel
  • Sheep and Goats judgment

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Sr. legacy Series : The birth of Jesus Christ

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