Prophecy Today Radio Broadcast, November 19, 2022


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Ken Timmerman: Is the Iran uprising spiraling out of control? …

  • 400 deaths so far as the IRGC threatens to shoot protestors in the streets
  • Raisi, former head of the Judiciary has been known to have assassinated 30,000 political prisoners
  • G20 – China flexing political muscle – Is Hunter Biden being used as a blackmailing operation?
  • Joe Biden fells asleep during a dinner with world leaders – analysis

David Dolan: Israel’s new government is being formed as Netanyahu runs into obstacles with 3 religious parties that are making unexpected demands followed by push-back of the Biden Administration’s Tom Nides – analysis …

  • Defense Minister Benny Gantz is pushing back on 23 American senators demanding an investigation of Abu Akleh, Al Jazeera journalist
  • Itamar Ben Gvir looking for changes on the Temple Mount including building the 3rdntemple for Jewish Prayer – threats by Arab leaders say such changes will ignite the Middle East

Israel (Winkie) Medad: Coalition building in Israel’s new government as each party pushes for their own institutions  – analysis …

  • Anti-Semitism growing in American celebrities influenced by Kanye West (Ye) Kyrie Irving
  • Blacks moved into Jewish neighborhoods as Jews moved to suburbs – landlords were were Jewish and were unliked – Jews are accused of owning Hollywood and control the media
  • Louis Farrakhan says Blacks are the real Hebrews, and Jews are fake.

Pastor Paul Blair: The event of Thanksgiving coming this week

  • The first Thanksgiving in the new world  – the account from the beginning and the influence of Christianity
  • US Biblical world view – “Whatever we do is for the glorify God in it”

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Legacy Series: Continuing the “Judgment Seat of Christ” series

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