Prophecy Today Radio Broadcast September 03-10


Join Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Jr. and Rick DeYoung on the Prophecy Today Radio broadcast heard on over 80 stations around the world.

Ken Timmerman: Revied nuclear talks remain unclear as the US State Department says the Iran response is ‘not constructive’ …

  • US Diplomats still sit in separate rooms from the negotiations while EU and Russians do the negotiating
  • Iranians know Biden desperately wants the deal that would put 70 million barrels of Iranian oil back on the market just in time for the mid terms as the price of gas would decline
  • That Biden called the MAGA Republicans enemy’s of state semi-fascists is un-American talk from a president who wants a one party state
  • Russia China and Iran are coming together while another Russian oil executive mysteriously died

David Dolan: Tensions are high in Syria after Israel’s attack of the airfield in Aleppo that exploded over 1000 rockets very close to the main Russian air base …

  • Israeli Defense Minister Gantz warned of a ‘full war’ if Hezbollah attacks the Israeli natural gas field in the Med
  • NYT reports Syria has asked Iran to stop attacking Israel from Syrian territory
  • Palestinians are urging President Biden to not block UN membership and help a declaration of statehood at the UN for full state membership
  • Jews are being allowed for the first time through Gate of the Tribes on the Temple Mount
  • Theodore Herzl and the Zionist movement

RC Morro: 105 countries are currently exploring centralized digital currencies. Together, they represent 95% of global GDP as the nations go cashless to fulfill Revelation 13:16-18

  • When aggregated, we can see that the majority of countries are in the research stage
  • Why are signs like the cashless society that will give governments immense power happening globally now?
  • Matthew 24:32-36 “This Generation” and the budding of the Fig tree

Pastor Heath Marion: Ministry helps young people understand what destiny means and how it applies to their own personal life …

  • We need Christian men and women as lawyers and doctors nd laborers  at every realm of society to step in their purpose
  • We have a higher purpose when we are at our job to bring the glory to God

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Legacy Series: Wrapping up the series on hell …

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