Prophecy Today Radio, February 4, 2023: Consequences


Join Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Jr., Rick DeYoung and ‘Prophecy Partners’ on the Prophecy Today Radio Broadcast heard on over 120 stations around the world …

Ken Timmerman – Weather or spy balloon? Analysis

  • Alliance between Russia and China growing
  • Afghanistan withdrawal, US weapons and the new Republican Congress …

David Dolan – Middle East Update – rockets coming from Gaza intercepted …

  • Palestinians celebrated terror attacks that left 7 Israelis dead last week
  • Antony Blinken made statements that raised eyebrows  on his visit to Israel last week … analysis
  • Russia/Iran alliance strengthening (Ezekiel 38)

Lt. Colonel Bob Maginnis – The one year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

  • Putin threatens to bring 500,000 troops
  • Is Ukraine fighting a proxy war for the West to cripple Russia?
  • Is China looking to overtake the west to dominate the world? … analysis
  • Hope for believers …

RC Morro – One of the key pillars keeping the dollar in place as the world reserve is its petro-status …

  • The Petrodollar weakened as Saudi Arabia announced it is considering accepting yuan For Chinese oil sales
  • Shock: Saudi Arabia’s leader MBS embraces UN 2030 to end fossil fuels… analysis

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Legacy Series:

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