Rabbi Michael Barclay: The Politics of Purim – A Fitting Time for a ‘Jexodus’


PJ Media: On March 20, Jews around the world will celebrate the holiday of Purim, a time when we stopped “negotiating,” recognized the core values of Judaism, and stood up to the evil oppression of Haman. The story, from the Book of Esther, involves King Ahasuerus, the Persian ruler in Shushan, who was influenced by his evil minister Haman to kill all the Jews. We remember and celebrate the courage and strength of Mordecai and Esther in changing the king’s mind and saving the Jewish people from a massacre. This holiday is to be used to recommit ourselves to fighting anti-Semitism that is hiding in plain sight in the world, to take a stand like Mordecai and Esther and no longer tolerate the behavior of those who want to kill us. Purim compels us to stand up and insist that anti-Semites be stopped and publicly condemned for their behavior in all of its forms, including attempts to eliminate Israel as a nation.

I am a rabbi: a spiritual leader and teacher, not a political pundit, and my commentaries are always based on Jewish theology. As part of our religious observance of the holiday this year, maybe we need to embrace a “Jexodus” political movement in addition to our normal Purim celebrations.

Most Jews have voted Democratic most of our lives. Since the times of FDR, over 70% of Jews have supported the Democratic Party, and in the recent midterms, 76% of us voted that way. As part of observing Purim this year, I suggest that we all must exit from any involvement in the Democratic Party until the institutional anti-Semitism that has taken hold is removed and censured within the party.  more …

Opinion: I rarely post so much text of any article but this one is a game changer. Without the Jewish vote, or even a reduction in the vote, the Democrat party will have serious problems.

The Jewish celebration of Purim and the evil anti-Semite Haman is the topic of chapter 5 in our book Antichrist: The Search for Amalek. The Purim account holds a special significance for me because while researching the anti-Semite Haman, I began to see a connection to the bloodline of the final Antichrist.

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