Rashida Tlaib Gets Behind Academic Boycott of Israel


Free Beacon: Democratic representative Rashida Tlaib (Mich.) has gotten behind a push from anti-Israel faculty members at a small private California university to end its study abroad partnership with an Israeli university.

The move by faculty members at Pitzer College aims to suspend its study abroad program to University of Haifa in Israel until their demands are met by the Israeli government. Leading the charge is Professor Daniel Segal, an anthropology and history professor, who announced through his Twitter account that Tlaib was his movement’s newest backer.

“Tlaib is in with #SuspendPitzerHaifa,” he wrote, along with a picture of Tlaib holding the group’s information pamphlet.

Opinion: Not a day goes by that one of two new House members doesn’t find a way to make anti-Semitic headlines.

Rashida Tlaib, a second generation Palestinian, and her new BFF Daniel Segal who is a Jewish professor, are really upset over Israel’s discriminatory policies against Palestinians, of which there is no such people group. But that has never stopped Arabs from hating Jacob.

Here is the irony. Rashida and Daniel could be cut from the same cloth. When Esau took Hittite wives and had sons and daughters, the result was/is Arab peoples, some who call themselves Jews, and some who call themselves Palestinian. Both are hostile to Jacob, whom God renamed Israel (Genesis 35:10).

“…For they are not all Israel who are of Israel” Romans 9:6