Refugee Camp ISIS Child Tells UK Reporter ‘We Will Slaughter You’


Breitbart: Children of Islamic State fighters and their brides in Syrian holding camps may represent a grave threat to the West, with one telling a British reporter: “We will slaughter you.”

“In Arabic, he first quoted a verse from the Koran: ‘God says, “Turn to Allah with sincere repentance in the hope that your Lord will remove you from your ills”,’” recalled Sky News correspondent Mark Stone of an encounter with a jihadist “cub” in the Al Hol camp in Syria, which holds some 70,000 Islamic State women and children, 10,000 of whom are foreigners. Read More …

Opinion: To read western reports on Islamic terror groups one gets the impression that the hatred began with Israel’s statehood on May 14, 1948.

Others blame the 1917 Balfour Declaration that supported a home for Jewish people in the same land from where they were driven when the temple was destroyed in AD 70.

What most westerners cannot comprehend is that the conflict dates back over 3500 years ago to two members of Abraham’s family.

Of Ishmael:

“He shall be a wild man;
His hand shall be against every man,
And every man’s hand against him.
And he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.” Genesis 16:12

Of Esau:

“So Esau hated Jacob because of the blessing with which his father blessed him, and Esau said in his heart, “The days of mourning for my father are at hand; then I will kill my brother Jacob.” Genesis 27:41

The difference between the two is that Genesis records that Ishmael was circumcised (Genesis 17:18) but is silent about Esau’s circumcision. Why is that important?

“And the uncircumcised man child whose flesh of his foreskin is not circumcised, that soul shall be cut off from his people; he hath broken my covenant.” Genesis 17:12.

I searched for months trying to find out why Moses left out the circumcision not only of Esau but of Jacob as well. The answer came from extra-Biblical writings of ancient Jewish texts.

Antichrist: The Search for Amalek, Excerpt:

On account of his ruddy appearance he [Esau] remained uncircumcised. Isaac, his father, feared that it [his ruddy appearance] was due to poor circulation of the blood, and he hesitated to perform the circumcision. He decided to wait until Esau should attain his thirteenth year, the age at which Ishmael had received the sign of the covenant.

But when Esau grew up, he refused to give heed to his father’s wish, and so he was left uncircumcised. The opposite of his brother in this as in all respects, Jacob was born with the sign of the covenant upon his body, a rare distinction. But Esau also bore a mark upon him at birth, the figure of a serpent, the symbol of all that is wicked and hated of God.” source.

It was an illegitimate grandson of Esau who was the first to draw Jewish blood in the Exodus, and of whom God has sworn to have war with in every generation (Exodus 17:16).

Behold Amalek:

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