Remembering The Reformation


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This month we celebrate the 504th anniversary of the historic Reformation and all it accomplished! Our sovereign Lord began setting many captives free from the bondage of religious deception with the truth of His Word. It was the Word of God preached by men of God, empowered by the Spirit of God, that produced children of God, all for the glory of God.

Why Was the Reformation Necessary?

As the Reformers were abiding in God’s Word, they realized the Roman Catholic Church was under divine condemnation for preaching a distorted Gospel (Galatians 1:6-9). Catholicism was (and still is) distorting God’s Gospel of grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. They distorted the Gospel by adding requirements for salvation including sacramentsgood workskeeping the lawpurgatory and indulgences. This corruption of the Gospel continues to lead Catholics down the wide road to destruction (Mat. 7:13). As God opened the eyes of the Reformers to see the light of the Gospel and the glory of Christ, they began proclaiming it and calling Catholics to repentance.

Rome’s corruption of the Gospel included using its heretical priesthood to continue on an altar Christ’s finished work of redemption on a cross. This was an outright rejection of the Lord’s victory cry on the cross, “It is finished” (John 19:30). The Reformers knew from Scripture that Jesus died once, for all sin, for all time and there are no more offerings for sin (Hebrews 10:12, 14, 18). Since the altar was no longer needed, the Reformers replaced it with a pulpit and the Word of God became the central focus of worship.

The Reformation was also necessary because the Catholic Church had drifted into outright apostasy. It had departed from the faith of the apostles to follow doctrines of demons that included forbidding marriage to its clergy (1 Tim. 4:1-3). Catholicism also embraced the first lie of Satan in the garden when the serpent said to Eve, “You surely will not die” if you break God’s command. This demonic doctrine continues with the Catholic teaching of “venial” sins, which declares such sins do not cause death, only temporal punishment in purgatory. Catholics need to know that all sins are mortal and the punishment is death (Rom. 6:23). The Catholic Church’s apostasy was officially and dogmatically documented at the Council of Trent, with over 100 anathemas that condemn Christians.

What Did the Reformation Accomplish?
The Reformers reestablished the Word of God as the supreme authority for faith. They used the words Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone) to declare the Bible is sufficient and the ultimate authority over popes, traditions, and church councils (2 Tim. 3:15-16). As the inspired Word of God, Scripture must be used to test and correct all other authorities.
The Reformers also reestablished the Lord Jesus Christ as the only Head of His Church, which He purchased with His own blood (Eph. 1:22, Acts 20:28). The Reformers rejected the pope as the head of the church. In fact, Martin Luther declared, “We are of the conviction that the papacy is the seat of the true and real Antichrist. I declare that I owe the pope no other obedience than that of Antichrist.”

The Reformers also made the Bible available to the people in their own language. They soon discovered they could be pulsaved by reading the Bible unaided by priests and sacraments. The truth was setting them free from religious bondage. This caused the pope to put a stop to this mass exodus by once again putting the Bible on their list of forbidden books.

Another accomplishment was the recovery of the most important doctrine of justification, which answers the most important question, “How can a sinner become right with God?” You can hear how many ways the Catholic Church had distorted the biblical teaching of justification here at the eighteen minute mark.
How Can We Remember the Reformation?

As we remember the Reformation this year, let us also remember the 1.3 billion Catholics who are perishing with a misplaced faith. We need to encourage them to do what the apostle Paul did for his salvation (Phil 3:3-9). They need to exchange their apostate religion for a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ alone. Please know that we have many resources to help you evangelize those who are perishing.

Our most popular Gospel tract for evangelizing Roman Catholics is now in 5 different languages with over 3 million in circulation. As Catholics read through this 16-panel fold-out, they are forced to make a decision. Will they trust Christ and His Word or continue to trust the teachings and traditions of their religion? They will see that it is impossible to believe both because the statements from their Catechism and their New American Standard Bible stand opposed to one another on the doctrines of Jesus and salvation. The Gospel tract also features the two paths to eternity as seen below. Order the tract here.
Proclaiming the True Jesus Christ
Most cults and religions believe in Jesus, but the object of saving faith must be the true Jesus, who is gloriously revealed in Scripture. Pastor Tom Pennington of Countryside Bible Church exegetes the first four verses of the epistle of 1 John that reveal eight nonnegotiable attributes of God’s perfect man and man’s perfect God. Jesus existed eternally, was truly human, is God’s self-expression, is self-existent and gives life to everyone, was manifested in human flesh, was eternally with God, is Jesus of Nazareth and is the promised Messiah and Savior. Listen to the message here.
Getting the Gospel Right
In one of Mike Gendron’s evangelistic opportunities in his hometown, he talked with a young man who grew up in the Church of Christ. You can listen to the eight minute conversation here.
Letters to Edify and Encourage the Saints
Greetings from Slovakia,
I have been following your ministry to Catholics for a long time.
I myself am a former Catholic priest of 23 years. Gradually, I realized the contradictions until I finally made a decision to leave the church. Your testimony encouraged me to do so. Now I am born again and have a great burden for the people in Slovakia. My pastor and I founded the Slovak Biblical Institute, where I am the director. I would like to translate and publish your book Preparing for Eternity. Can I translate and publish it for the Slovaks? The Pope was here last month sowing his usual lies. We would like to invite you to Slovakia in April 2022 to help us reach all the Catholics here. L.Z., Kežmarok, Slovakia.
Hi Mike, My wife of 60 years and I were both born and raised as Roman Catholics until God, in His providence, got me to actually read the Bible. In doing so I learned that many things I had been taught were not to be found in its pages! Praise God! R.S., Sheboygan Falls, WI
Mike, I just finished watching your presentation on American Gospel TV. I have many family members who are Catholics and it was very compelling to me. Thank you for your continued faithfulness. My oldest brother is studying to obtain his doctorate degree in Roman Catholic theology. I love him dearly, but he is deceiving my family through his religious accomplishments, charisma, and belittling of me. I would appreciate any advice. Soli Deo Gloria! Z.K., Jasper, TN

Mike, Although I spent 33 years in the RCC, I continue to discover more of its false teachings about which I knew nothing. I can only imagine the number of souls being led down the path to destruction. Your ministry is still greatly needed. Keep your hand to the plow as the fields are white unto harvest. B.P., North Attleboro, MA

Two Globalists Seeking Control
Pope Francis and Joe Biden continue to carry out the globalist agenda to create a one-world religion and one-world government. Their ultimate goal is complete control of the masses through the Great Reset and a digital health and economic identification system. The Vatican now requires a Covid Passport, proving the holder has been vaccinated in order to enter the city state. Meanwhile Joe Biden, speaking as a self-appointed dictator, said, “My message to unvaccinated Americans is this: We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin. And your refusal has cost all of us.”
Steve Matthews wrote: “With his words, this treasonous liar managed, in very short order, to declare war, not just on unvaccinated Americans, but to all the constitutionally guaranteed liberties of all Americans. Biden’s arrogant and threatening words are among the most disturbing, unconstitutional, and unchristian utterances made by any American politician ever. It’s that serious.” Read more.
Let us glorify our Lord Jesus Christ by faithfully sharing His glorious Gospel of grace!
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