Rosenberg: Biden ‘weakness’ towards Tehran could trigger Israeli airstrikes on Iranian nuclear sites


All Israel News: The United States has paid little attention to Lebanon in recent years. And that needs to change fast.

“They have taken crafty counsel against Your people,
And consulted together against Your sheltered ones.” Psalm 83:3

ALL ISRAEL NEWS Editor-in-Chief Joel Rosenberg warns that if U.S. President Joe Biden renews his country’s participation in the Iranian nuclear deal, thousands of missiles could rain down on Israel from Lebanon.

“Biden strikes me as more desperate than Iran to get back into the deal. This has all the makings of emboldening the terror masters in Tehran… I think Tehran is getting ready to attack Israel.”

So what does this have to do with Lebanon?

In an interview with Jerusalem Post reporter Seth Frantzman, Rosenberg explained that an Iran would use Hezbollah, the Shiite militia entrenched in southern Lebanon, against Israel in a proxy war. Read More