Russia Seized David’s Sling Interceptor Missile


Jewish Press: Russia has succeeded in capturing a missile shot by the advanced David’s Sling missile interception system, Chinese news portal Sina reported Wednesday morning. According to the report, on July 23, 2018, two David’s Sling missiles were launched against several missiles that had been fired from Syria at Israel. One of the two interceptors missed its target and fell in Syrian territory.

A Syrian military force was dispatched to the area and found the Israeli missile, which had suffered only minor damages in the fall. The Chinese report claims that the missile was taken to a Russian-Syrian base and then flown to Moscow, most likely for reverse engineering. more …

Opinion: Ok class, why would Russia want to study Israel’s defensive weapon? Could it be because the Syria’s S-400 missile defense wasn’t able to down the missile?

Russia has been delivering the S-400 missile defense system since 2015 when it was delivered to Syria. Turkey, a NATO member, received the Russian system in July of this year but so far Putin has refused Iran the system in an effort to build on relations with Saudi Arabia and Israel.

If/when Russia changes it’s mind and delivers the S-400 to Iran, it will be a clear sign that all three of the Gog Magog principal invaders (Ezekiel 38:1-6) will be prepared for war.

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