Satanic statue honoring pro-abortion Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg to go on display in Texas


The grotesque and apparently satanic pro-abortion statue exhibit infamously erected in New York City last month will reportedly be moved to the pro-life state of Texas this year.

LifeSiteNews previously reported that the seven-foot bronze statue, depicting a nude woman with twisted cables for limbs and goat horns instead of hair, drew outrage after it was erected on top of the Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court in New York. The work pays homage to pro-abortion Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and features a representation of the lace collar Ginsburg often wore.


A second statue, nearly identical but more than twice the size of the other, was also put on display in Madison Square Park. Together, the pair form an “exhibit” that will be displayed in New York through the beginning of June.

Shahzia Sikander is the creator of the exhibition which is called “Havah … to breathe, air, life,” (she says “Havah” means “air” in Urdu and “Eve” in Arabic and Hebrew). Sikander said the exhibit is meant to express “the indefatigable spirit of the women who have been collectively fighting for their right to their own bodies over generations.”

Conservatives, however, have argued that the statues appear “demonic” and represent a cultural swing toward ugliness and away from beauty.

Daily Wire podcaster and author Andrew Klavan has argued that the figure is an apt representation of abortion and its connection with both evil and sexual promiscuity.

“This is a statue that celebrates abortion as a satanic ritual that enslaves women to male sexuality and strips them of their magisterium, their central power, which is the creation of human beings and the nurturing and raising of children,” Klavan said.

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