Satanic Temple Vows to ‘Fight to the Death’ for the Gay Community


PJ Medi: Current debates pit LGBT activism against the religious freedom of conservative Christians, who often wish to opt out of endorsing same-sex marriage, refusing to lend their artistic talents to celebrate a gay wedding. Yet the Satanic Temple once planned to legalize gay marriage using religious freedom.

In July, the Satanic Temple released Hail Satan?, a documentary about the secularist group that portrays itself as a religious entity. In the documentary, co-founder Lucien Greaves says the Satanic Temple is more than half made up of LGBT people who feel disowned and disenfranchised by “traditional religious institutions,” and he pledges that the Temple will fight “to the death” for the gay community. He also reveals the religious freedom argument the Temple plotted to use to make gay marriage legal.

“It would be a conservative estimate to say that more than 50 per cent of our membership is LGBTQ,” Greaves, who identifies as straight, says in the documentary, according to the British gay magazine Attitude. “I think that’s because they feel disowned and disenfranchised from the traditional religious institutions.” more …

Opinion: Remember when all that the gay lobby wanted was marriage? Memo: You won, the Obama White House co-opted God’s rainbow in an abomination that was shown around the world.

But as with every other progressive policy, that was not enough. Now the LGBTQ community wants the equality bill that will replace the word “sex” with the phrase “sex (including sexual orientation and gender identity).”

It will never be enough until there is a breakdown in every Christian denomination making gay priests and pastors equal to heterosexuals in number.

So how does the Satanic Temple fit into this?

  • The US government has recognized the Satanic Temple as a tax-exempt organized religion.
  • The Satanic temple is a non-theistic religious group – 50% of which are LGBTQ
  • It is based out of Salem, Massachusetts, but it has branches across the US and world
  • Founded in 2013, it has roots in political activism and now has over 50000 members
  • It is different from the Church of Satan and has a growing global reach

Founded by, I am not making this up, Lucien Greaves:

“Words like ‘spiritual’ or ‘holy,’ I think — one of the first things that people need to realize about us is that we don’t advocate for any supernatural beliefs. We’re a nontheistic religion,” Greaves said. “We don’t subscribe to supernatural explanations or accept them as legitimate.”

In 2 Thess. 2:3 Paul prophesied an apostasy or departure, falling away, defection or revolt in the last days as the world prepares to receive the lawless one who claims to be God:

“who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God” 2 Thess. 2:4.

Satanic temple and LGBT, natural allies.