Sunday Study: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY 2021!


“Honor thy father and thy mother.”

Most of us have, or had, a mother who was ideal in many ways and is/was greatly loved, appreciated and respected, and who truly cared about us and was diligent about it. And, on top of that, if she was a Godly Christian mother, and led you to the Lord, you are most fortunate. Count it as a superior blessing!

However, if there is a history of bitterness, abuse, or grudges between you and your mother, it may seem impossible to honor someone who has hurt you so deeply.  But God’s plan for families requires you to accept His order of society, and you are to at least have an inward attitude of esteem for her God-given position in your life.

Honor for a hurtful parent doesn’t come from our own abilities. You need to honor your parents not because you think they deserve it, but because God asked you to. By doing so, you honor God by keeping His commandments.

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