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“I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you; and in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.” Gen. 12:3

By Jim Showers, The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry @

Fifty years ago, on October 6, 1973, the enemies of Israel launched a surprise attack that became known as the Yom Kippur War on the small nation of Israel because the war began on the Jewish Day of Atonement holiday when Israelis were home resting.

This morning, October 7, 2023, Israel’s enemies once again launched a surprise attack on Israel on Shabbat when most Israelis were home resting. Hamas, the Palestinian Arab terrorist organization in Gaza, unleashed its military forces on Israel. In recent years, Hamas has become a proxy of Iran, and an attack of this size would require Iran’s assistance to fund and plan.

Initial reports tell us Hamas initially launched a barrage of over 5,000 missiles that overwhelmed the Iron Dome missile interception defense system. Many of Hamas’s missiles struck homes and streets in Israel and took a toll on human life, killing many and injuring even more. The missiles reached as far north as Tel Aviv and as far east as Beersheba. Hamas used explosives and bulldozers to punch holes in the Gaza border fence through which hundreds of Hamas soldiers poured into Israel on motorcycles and on foot; others used motorized hang gliders to cross the fence and enter Israel.

They attacked the communities around Gaza, killing Israelis, taking hostages, and gaining control of many of the Jewish neighborhoods along the Gaza border. They are indiscriminately attacking innocent Israeli civilians—men, women, and children. Dozens of Israelis have been killed, hundreds are wounded, and dozens more have been taken back to Gaza as hostages. Before this conflict is over, these numbers are expected to rise. Hamas is calling upon Israeli Arabs to use whatever they have at hand to kill their Jewish neighbors.

Southern Israel is on fire. Israel has declared a state of war, the first such declaration since the Yom Kippur War in 1973. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is calling up reservists and starting its response to the Hamas attack named “Iron Sword.” The IDF is the most equipped and best-trained army in the Middle East, but the war will take its toll on the young men and women of Israel who defend the Jewish state. As the IDF regains control of the communities around Gaza, the full extent of the loss will be known.

There is an imminent risk that Hezbollah, the Palestinian Arab terrorist organization in Lebanon, could launch an offensive along Israel’s northern border, creating a second front for Israel to defend. Hamas is also calling upon the enemies of Israel in the West Bank to attack Jerusalem and Jewish communities in the West Bank.

Some of our own Friends of Israel family have been called up to duty by the IDF and will be a part of its military response to Hamas’ brutal, unprovoked attack on Israel. Please lift up in prayer Israel and all who are under threat there. Pray that the Lord will protect our staff and friends in Israel and give the nation’s leadership great wisdom to handle this threat.

Our hearts ache for all of those who are impacted by this tragic attack. The enemies of Israel are the enemies of God. You may be wondering what you can do beyond praying to provide help and show support for Israel.

You can help Israel by giving to our Israel Relief Fund. Gifts to the Israel Relief Fund go directly to Israel to help provide missile shelters, purchase critical supplies for Magen David Adom (Israel’s Red Cross), and support other humanitarian organizations that are saving lives and helping victims of the war. A gift to our Aliyah Return Fund will go to the Jewish Agency for Israel’s Victims of Terror Fund to help those impacted by the war. You can use the links below to make a much-needed gift to save lives and bring comfort to God’s uniquely Chosen People.

The Friends of Israel is a worldwide evangelical ministry proclaiming biblical truth about Israel and the Messiah, while bringing physical and spiritual comfort to the Jewish people.