Survey: 77% of Religious Zionist Israelis Want the Right to Pray on the Temple Mount


Breaking Israel News: A survey conducted by the Direct Polls Institute last week revealed that in Israel’s religious Zionist communities, there is an across-the-board consensus regarding the Temple Mount reports Makor Rishon.

The survey was backed by entrepreneur Shlomo Ben-Zvi and included 569 Religious Zionist (Israeli) participants. 77.6% of those surveyed support or strongly supports (25.4% support and 52.2% strongly support) allowing freedom of worship to Jews in the Temple Mount area as opposed to only  9.7% who oppose or strongly oppose it (6.2% oppose it and 3.5% strongly oppose it).

The Religious Zionists are Israelis who try to observe the commandments of the Torah but also believe in the spiritual significance of the state of Israel and therefore believe strongly in serving in the IDF. more …

Opinion: I took this photo on May 27 on our visit to Israel. I have to admit I was a bit nervous taking it because it is of a Muslim woman openly praying out loud on the temple mount.

If a Jew were to do the same thing there would be a riot and the Jew would likely be injured or worse even though heavily armed IDF soldiers were everywhere.

Jews are forbidden to pray on the temple mount:

After conquering Jerusalem in 1967 in the Six Day War, General Moshe Dayan unfortunately decided to give up control of the Temple Mount to the Arab Mufti in exchange for peace with Arabs.

As a secular. Jew, Dayan had limited regard for the Biblical significance of the holiest spot on earth that was purchased (2 Samuel 24:18-25) by King David 3000 years ago. The arrangement in place since 1967 is that Israel is responsible for security at the site while the Jordanian trust — the Waqf — is in charge of administrative duties. Non-Muslims are allowed access to the site but are forbidden to pray there.