Survey: 90% of US Jews Concerned About Antisemitism But Won’t Consider Aliyah


Assessment: At the end of the prophesied war of Gog and Magog the call home for the descendants of Jacob will be irresistible …

The following item reminded me of the adage about how everybody is talking about the weather but nobody is doing anything about it. A study commissioned by the Ruderman Family Foundation found that “Ninety-three percent of American Jews are concerned with the current levels of antisemitism in the United States, with nearly half of US Jews (42%) experiencing antisemitism either directly or through family and friends over the past five years alone.”

“then they shall know that I am the Lord their God, who sent them into captivity among the nations, but also brought them back to their land, and left none of them captive any longer.” Ezekiel 39:28

That last bit is powerful: almost half of American Jews have had a direct or indirect clash with antisemitism. These are people for whom Jew-hatred is not a concept out of the history books but a real, here and now thing. And yet, nowhere in the survey does the obvious solution to a situation when you know for sure you are hated – get the heck out of there – does the word Aliyah appear as something hated Jews could do to escape their condition.

Mind you, Israel is mentioned as part of the survey: “When exploring their connection to Israel, approximately one-third (34%) of respondents believe the relationship between Israel and US Jews has weakened during the last two years, including 40% of Republicans and 31% of Democrats. Only 12% identified the May 2021 war between Israel and Hamas as a reason for that weakened relationship, with 32% naming the increasing power of right-wing or ultra-religious Israeli political parties, 25% the treatment of Palestinians, 24% the mutual ties between Netanyahu and former President Donald Trump, and 24% Israel’s settlement policies in the West Bank.”

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