JPost: Syrian Ambassador to the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) Hussam Edin Aala called on Israel to withdraw from the Golan Heights and swore that his country had a right to “recover” that territory from Israel.

“We demand accountability and we call for impunity to be combated,” Aala said. “We condemn the decision of the Trump administration which is illegal, regarding the occupied Golan.” In doing so, the US has also “flouted” UN Security Council resolutions, he added.

“We need to put an end to the actions of the occupation,” which is “confiscating” land and “pillaging” resources, Aala said. Syria opposes the Israeli government practice to hold meetings on the Golan and its decision to create a new town named for US President Donald Trump. more …

Opinion: Maybe Syria should have thought twice about joining Egypt and Jordan in a war of annihilation in 1967.

Israel won a miraculous battle against all odds and defeated three armies in 6 days, capturing the Golan Heights, Judea and Samaria, the Sinai and Gaza.

Since then Israel was coerced into giving back all but the parts of Judea and the Golan in exchange for peace.

There is one strategic land for peace blunder that Israel must never forget: the Gaza Disengagement Plan of 2005, dreamed up by then Israeli PM Ariel Sharon and US President George W. Bush.

Israeli citizens who refused to accept government compensation packages and voluntarily vacate their homes prior to the August 15, 2005 deadline, were forcefully evicted by Israeli security forces over a period of several days.

The eviction of all residents, demolition of the residential buildings and evacuation of associated security personnel from the Gaza Strip was completed by September 12, 2005. A total of 8,000 Jewish settlers from all 21 settlements in the Gaza Strip were forcibly relocated. 

  • Many Israeli soldiers were in tears removing Israeli citizens from their homes
  • Palestinians immediately destroyed a rich infrastructure of greenhouses that would have  assisted them in economic growth
  • On September 23, 2005 the first of thousands of rockets were shot into Israel
  • Hamas was elected to run Gaza on June 14, 2007

Both Sharon and Bush paid dearly under the Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 12:3). Sharon fell into a diabetic coma one year later, and George Bush was severely criticized for his handling of Hurricane Katrina, the deadliest hurricane in US history which hit the US Gulf Coast on August 27, 2005 not coincidentally just days after the last Jews were removed.

President Bush thereafter lost control of Congress in 2006 and the election in 2008 was handed to Barack Obama.

We all paid a price for that.