The door that prevented a massacre


Arutz Sheva: The chairman of the Jewish community in the German city of Halle, Max Privorozki, on Thursday visited the local synagogue for the first time since Wednesday’s shooting attack, in which a neo-Nazi terrorist tried to break into the synagogue and murder worshipers during Yom Kippur prayers.

Privorozki, who was in the synagogue at the time of the shooting, saw the entrance door to the synagogue which the shooter was unable to penetrate and thus could not break into the synagogue and murder more people.

“Yes, I’m standing here in front of this door for the first time since the incident,” Privorozki told Antonia Yamin, Chief Europe Correspondent of Kan 11 News. “I didn’t see the results of his shooting and now I can see…And I really pray to God, to Hashem, that he made the door so strong. I can hardly believe it. [The shooter] fired a very powerful weapon and it is truly a miracle that this door withstood that.” more …

Opinion: It has been quite a week. The Halle, Germany synagogue attack that left 2 dead, was almost drowned out with impeachment politics, outrageous statements from a 90 year old atheist journalist and Pope Francis, an attack on an Iranian oil tanker, and a US pull-out from Syria leaving Turkey’s terror supporting president in charge of a former US ally.

But I repeat almost. A locked door of a German synagogue prevented a massacre, marking the 3rd deadly synagogue attack since the October 17, 2018 Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre that left 11 dead and 5 wounded, followed by the May 2, 2019 Poway California synagogue shooting that left 1 dead and 3 wounded..

We have been tracking global anti-Semitic incidents since the Pittsburgh shooting (here). I am not sure what compels me to do it but the list is getting very long and I have been leaving out small incidents. Perhaps one day I will do a podcast as soon as I can figure out how to get the technology right.

If you take the time to scroll through the list you may see what I see. The hatred of God’s people that led to the Holocaust is happening again, paving the road to the fulfillment of a verse we have quoted often, the time of trouble for Jacob (Jeremiah 30:7) when God saves His people.

“Alas! For that day is great,
So that none is like it;
And it is the time of Jacob’s trouble,
But he shall be saved out of it.”

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