The Gospel of Socialism? Pope Francis Decries Tax Cuts for the Wealthy as Sinful


The New American: In an address to the New Forms of Solidarity Seminar on Wednesday, Pope Francis made a call for worldwide wealth redistribution in order solve the problem of global poverty. The Pope referred to tax cuts for the wealthy as a “structure of sin.” The speech was organized by the Pontifical Academy for Social Sciences.

In what sounded more like a document written by the United Nations than a Papal address, the Pope tore into the economic systems of the world and what he called “tax havens.” He declared that such monies need to be used to assist those in extreme poverty, whom the Pontiff claims are increasing.

While the Pope is not wrong about many people being in need, he may have a few of the basic facts wrong. While extreme poverty will never be fully vanquished — “For ye have the poor always with you,” as Jesus said in Matthew 26:11 — statistics show that the percentage of people in extreme poverty (defined as living on $1.90 or less per day) has dropped significantly since 1990, when more than a quarter of the world’s population lived in such straits.

Even the UN admits that today, less than 10 percent of the world’s population subsists in such dire straits.  Read More …

Opinion: One characteristic of a progressive is how they condemn others for what they themselves do. Austerity and carbon footprints are for the bourgeois, certainly not the princely class:

  • Al Gore’s gas guzzling private jet
  • Bill Clinton net worth $75 million
  • Hillary Clinton net worth $45 million
  • Chelsea Clinton’s 10 million NY apartment
  • Barack Obama who said at a certain point you have made enough is worth $40 million
  • Elizabeth Warren net worth is 10 million
  • Bernie Sanders third home

But Pope Francis takes the prize. The Roman pontiff who oversees the world’s wealthiest organization estimated to be worth between $400 billion to $2 trillion, has a personal net worth of $28 million. Time to start selling a Michelangelo or two your holiness.

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